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About Us

We are here to help you heal. We practice principled chiropractic, acknowledging the truth that your body has an innate ability to heal. We are chiropractors that focus on full spine health restoration and wellness. When your spine is free from nerve interference your body will allow you to express your health and life to the fullest potential.

Our focus and passion is family chiropractic care. thus we specialise in the spine of babies (paediatrics) to grand parents (gaeriatrics).

We offer safe, effective and natural care to our patients. We choose chiropractic techniques that are specific and scientific.

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Our Mision

Our mission is to provide a place, an oasis, where you can get honest up to date advise and care. Some of our patients come for relief care, and most stay for wellness care. We want you to have trust again, in your body, for the long term.

We see a future where grandparents can play with kids, where they can live life without drugs or fear of pain or pathologies. A future where they have the certainty that their body has the strength and ability to adapt and evolve to the demands of our environment, regardless of the pathogens or un-natural problems. You can live a healthy live, without fear. 

We are ADVANCED CHIROPRACTIC STUDIO. Where health starts within. If you want to be healthier, we welcome you for an intake examination.

Our Service & Approach

We practice ethical and principled based chiropractic care. Our analysis, adjustments and advice are based on Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson and Sacro-Occipital technique.

We do not use the same technique for every person or age group.

The choice of technique performed is based on your specific clinical presentation, history and examination results.

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